The IST is a Unitary Enterprise, which was founded in December 1990. Our company specializes in the production of exclusive models and details for technical creative work. We monitor world’s trends in the fields of sport, tourism and entertainment. The most interesting innovations, we apply to our models.

At the beginning of work our main partner was a German company “Graupner”, the largest in Europe. We worked hard, and expanded the product range. Other European firms are interested in our production.

Today, you can buy our products in the following firms:

Graupner/SJ GmbH
MHZ - ModellhobbyZavarsky

We will be very glad to find new partners and customers anywhere in the world. We are ready for cooperation and with the greatest pleasure we will consider your suggestions and wishes. We will continue to produce new models for you.

Today we can offer you: The Drives for models of tug boats and other big ships, the Z-drives for speed models and tourist pleasure boats, outboard drives for any kind of cutters and motor boats, waterjet propulsions for big and small ships. With our products you will create any model.

We produce goods to realize all your dreams and ideas. Creating a model, you can express yourself. You can become at the same time like designer, mechanic and then like the pilot of your model. We work for you.