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Z-Drive Bravo

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Z-Drive Bravo is a scalable similarity to Mercruiser Bravo drive. Z-Drive is suitable for models, the length of which is less than 1.2 m. The stainless bearings in the metal bushes and two pairs of heat-treated bevel gears with hypoid cog are mounted in the Z-Drive. The transmission coefficient from the engine to the screw propeller may be from 0.716 to 1.39. The set includes a three-bladed propeller, 42 mm in diameter (left or right) and the bush with a hole (5 mm) for connection to the electric motor.
For driving gear it is recommended to use: a brushless electric motor (2000 – 3000KV / 3-4S).
A maximum power is up to 1000 watts.
The distance between the holes for mounting the motor is 19mm.

Technical data:
Max. length: 140mm;
Width: 40mm;
Height: 135mm;
Total weight: 170gm;
Mounting dimensions
for engine: 19mm.
Max. Power: 1000 W.

Before using it’s necessary to control the presence of grease. We recommend gear oil 80W90

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