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Outboard Drive

Additional Info

  • Article number: 5145

This outboard engine had been developed based on our new Z Drive NXT, as a driving gear is used an electric motor. The outboard engine has the same features as the Z-Drive NXT. The shafts of bushes are mounted in eight ball-bearings. The rotation is transmitted with heat-treated bevel gears with hypoid tooth which can transmit power up to 6 kW. The transmission coefficient from the engine to the screw propeller may be 0,947 or 1,055.
The brushless engines of Scorpion series are as well as other BL engines for this motor.

Technical data:
Length: 165mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 177mm
Weight: 700 g
Shaft: 6,35mm
Max. size of propeller: 85mm
Max. Power: 6 kW.

Before using it’s necessary to control the presence of grease. We recommend gear oil 80W90.