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Outboard Drive incl. Centrifugal Clutch

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  • Article number: 5245

This outboard engine had been developed based on our Z Drive NXT.
It is developed to make use of internal-combustion engine, it has a centrifugal clutch. The shafts of bushes are mounted in eight ball-bearings. The rotation is transmitted with heat-treated bevel gears with hypoid tooth which can transmit power up to 6 kW. The transmission coefficient from the engine to the screw propeller may be 0,947 or 1,055.
It is recommended to use this outboard engine with internal-combustion engines: ChungYang, RCMK or Zenoah.

Technical data:
Length: 165mm
Width: 66mm
Height: 200mm
Weight: 700 g
Shaft: 6,35mm
Max. size of propeller: 85mm
Max. Power: 6 kW.

Before using it’s necessary to control the presence of grease. We recommend gear oil 80W90.

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