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Outboard motor GTX-480 version 2

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This outboard motor is made of high-strength plastic. The rotation of the motor is transmitted through a flexible shaft. The flexible shaft is placed in a Teflon tube, which significantly reduces frictional force and prevents its deterioration. These flexible shaft and Teflon tube can be easily operated via a removable cover. The electric motor is installed at an angle of 15, that makes better the of the flexible shaft. On the motor can be mounted various electric motors. With additional adapters, this engine can be easily prepared for participation in the competition «152VO». This engine uses a new type of suspension. If you change the angle of deflection of the motor, the control centre of rotation can remain unchanged.
The slight adjustment of height allows to install exactly the motor on the boat. The height adjustment is 7 mm. The rotation angle is +/- 5 °. The connecting pipe is installed in the motor to provide the water to the cooling system.
Technical data: Length - 160 mm. Width - 75 mm. Height – 150 mm. Weight without motor- 190g, the diameter of the screw - 38 mm.