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Outboard motor Seven Red

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  • Article number: 2042R

This engine looks like the modern outboard motor «Seven». This motor is suitable for retro models of sport or recreational motor boats of medium size (about 0.7 m). In the original version, these motors are usually installed on multiple instances on the transom (from two to six pieces), it gives excellent dynamics and reliability. It can give your model a very original and unique appearance. The color solution can be chosen by model-maker. This motor can be in different colors (as the original) and have sticks, lining on the hood.
The motor may be mounted various motors by a transition flange. The construction allows you to install a cooling system for an electric motor. The withdrawal of cooling water occurs through the inlet in the underwater part of the motor. The rotation of the motor is transmitted through a flexible shaft. This shaft is placed in a Teflon tube which significantly reduces frictional force and prevents its deterioration. The outboard motor is fixed to the model with the help of 4 screws. It makes possible to correct the vertical adjustment about 6 mm and the angle change of shaft about ± to 5 °. The new design of the motor suspension ensures the safe motor tilting, when the boat hits a floating obstacle, and the return to the working position.

Length :140 mm.
Width: 55 mm.
height: 165 mm.
Weight without motor: 100g,
the diameter of the screw: max 33 mm