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Jet drives

The JET drive is used for high-speed yachts, racing boats and pleasure boats. A hydro jet pumps water through the hole in the bottom of the hull, accelerates the impeller and pushes out from the aft part of the boat. The boats with a jet drive can sail in very shallow waters without risk of damage, because the case of absence of bulging parts. The hydro jet has a very high initial acceleration and the ship very quickly reaches a maximum speed.
A ship with hydro jet has a very high maneuverability. The maneuvering is performed thanks to the deviation of the blast swath.
For reversing movement there is no need to change the direction of propeller’s rotation. The reversing movement is realized with help of a special damper, that directs the flow of water ahead, which leads back to the reversing movement. To be highly effective, the motor speed during reversing may be 1/3 - 1/2 of the maximum speed.

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